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I am a visual artist working in printmaking, exploring the sense of energy within the linear drawing form. In my work I investigate the relationship between the world we live in and the symbols and mythologies created by past civilizations.

Each civilization has created sets of specific symbols, which indicate the connection between human and nature. For example, in Peru the carved and painted figure of Pacha Kamaq (The Fish God) represents the creator of the world, which is similar to Celtic mythology where the Leviathan takes care of the earth. This is similar to Hindu mythology where the Matsyavatar (the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu) governs the universe. Some symbols were so deeply ingrained in the civilization’s consciousness that they became hallmarks of their history and culture. The painted or carved motifs used for worshiping gods are symbols in the context of religious worship, but have different means and implications outside of that sphere. The symbols were transferred from one generation to the next in the form of drawings, paintings or carved objects. While the generations change, the context and the relevance of the symbols and drawings still persist.

During my MA Printmaking at New Bucks University & the London Print Studio, I explored London’s street utility covers as a visual reminder of the pollution created by humans. In the summer of 2012, I shot photographs for my research inside the 120 years old sewerage system in Prague. This experience gave me an understanding of the sewerage system’s operation 80 meters below the ground.

As a printmaker I use linear drawing on hard ground metal plates to create my images. Removing the hard ground from the burned plate surface with a sharp point and then immersing the ‘unwanted’ metal surface into acid. My approach to my work is to form a symbolic representation of this process as similar to daily human actions, for example: we intake food but our body throws away the unwanted substances. I am also exploring the old technique of map painting by filling some parts of the prints with natural colors.

As a printmaker, I use the camera to collect images for my research. Through my work I have tried to reflect on how human efforts to achieve a healthy and safe livelihood has changed the course of our surrounding world, both visible and hidden. My work is a symbol of our existence, which is entirely dependant on the tolerance, and adaptability, of nature.